Svengali - The Musical

Svengali - The MusicalAnother small theatre gem, this time with a contemporary feel. Svengali follows the rise and fall of a young pop star. Drawing stark comparisons with X Factor and Britain's Got Talent type shows we follow a young girl as she enters the music industry.

Using contemporary music as its sound template the audience are taken on a journey with her as witnesses to the darker side of the modern music industry that she encounters.

And along the way she finds love, betrayal, highs and lows and hope in equal measure. But can she survive with her soul intact? Will she find fame and at what cost to her soul?

And finally who is Svengali - friend or devil? The musicals strapline is ' How far would you go for fame?' A working script and CD demo are available on request. Again two versions of the script are available from the full cast main theatre version to the smaller cast studio theatre concept.

Svengali - When we were Good


Svengali - Ordinary World


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