Silas Marner - The Musical

Silas Marner the MusicalThe original Storm creative team of Dave Ford, Phil Ryan and Denny Bertin are responsible for "Silas Marner the Musical" a two hour full length Stage musical. Based on the novel of the same name by George Eliot - the piece is set in the late 17th Century. A true classic in every sense of the word.

It tells the extraordinary story of a weaver named Silas Marner. The story is uplifting and inspiring and most importantly highly entertaining.

The project is available for use by theatre production companies by arrangement. A full main theatre script production for full cast and a second studio theatre smaller script for smaller casts and a production song CD is available on request (this also includes a Project DVD of the live theatrical Showcase) Comparing very favourably to "Les Miserables" in terms of costume, content and style this production can be mounted in small and large venues. Perfect for smaller commercial and amateur companies working to a budget.

The List in the player below is just a short selection of songs from Silas Marner.

... also see the whole musical on Youtube hitmusical VIDEO

Silas Marner - The Musical

Silas Marner - The Musical