Resources and Services

Resources and Services Storm Productions provide a comprehensive general resource and creative service for a wide range of professional business and creative requirements.

Our new Business Division services include:

  • business support
  • project strategy
  • promotion advice

We can assist you in sales, marketing, design and execution of any business project. This includes staff and team training.

Utilising our massive contacts book and years of project management we have the ability to create clear and coherent plans and strategies to move your business forward.

Most recently we have helped launch a printing company, a bespoke jewellery company, a new health and beauty company and a music night promotion company.

We also have our regular creative service division including:

  • Music production, composition and songwriting.
  • Concept and script management/provision for Musical theatre and Film productions
  • Hosting workshops and tryouts/casting

Our Video Production Partners offer a broad spectrum of keenly priced professional film services including documentary and promotional video shoots.