About Storm Musicals

The team at Storm originally created stage plays before moving onto stage musicals. After their successes in the drama and comedy writing fields they recognised the need for Musicals that could be performed by both large and small Companies.

Inspired by this idea they then went on to create dual scripts for both their current musical theatre projects. By creating strong but flexible stories that could work with both a large or a small cast they can offer the same commercial opportunity to every kind of performance company.

Storm Musicals offers producers and directors a unique and modular approach to live theatrical performances with relevant re-write work built in to every agreement. Each piece can even be tailored to your exact cast needs.

+ Svengali - The Musical

+ Silas Marner - The Musical

The two pieces listed are a perfect example of strong storylines, powerful and moving songs carefully combined with an acute sense of practical commercial accessibility.

Both productions work with minimal costume and sets, but still pack the necessary theatrical and dramatic punch needed for box office and critical interest. Currently they have a third new and groundbreaking production concept in the early production planning stage.